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We get hundreds of emails per week and many of them are simple questions. Please read all of these FAQ's before sending us an email. Hopefully these will answer any and all questions that you may have. If not, feel free to drop us an email.

Q- Do you accept Paypal payments?

A- Yes, we do. It will appear as an option when you click checkout from the shopping cart.

Q- Do you accept credit card payments?

A- We no longer accept credit card orders online, only Paypal. If you don't use Paypal, you can still order the old school way... through the snail mail. Send check, money order or carefully concealed US cash to the PO Box address on the Contact page.

Q- I play in a band, can I submit our music to you to check out?

A- Yes. We never turn away bands from submitting their music to us. But remember, we are a hardcore/punk record label, so if your music does not fit into that category then save yourself and us the time. Please do not email us any sound files or links to your web page and/or mp3's. We do not have the time to check out all of the bands web sites who email us, nor do we have the time to download mp3's. All submissions must be the 'old school' way, through the Post Office. Our PO Box address is available on the Contact page.

Q- Smorgasbord Records has the reputation of being a straight edge label, but my band is not sxe. Would you be interested?

A- Yes! Smorgasbord started out as a sxe label, but we have since broadened our horizons. We sign bands that we wholeheartedly like, musically and lyrically, whether they are sxe or not. The music, the message, the passion!

Q- If I send you my band's cd will it actually be listened to?

A- Yes! All music that is sent to the PO Box is listened to. It may take 4-6 weeks, but you will hear from us via email once we have listened to your music.

Q- I play in a great band from outside of the USA, will you sign us?

A- Most likely no. Let me explain. There are many many great bands from outside of the USA and I wish that we can sign some of them, but it is just not possible. We do not have the marketing skills, the proper distribution, and the money to successfully promote and sell a release from a band that is from outside of the USA. It would be a major disaster, we would lose a ton of money and it would not be good for the band. I highly suggest that you look for a label from your own country, it will be so much better for you.

Q- I have a new zine, would you like to send promos and run an ad?

A- Smorgasbord Records will be going through some changes and we will no longer be paying for advertisements. We no longer have the budget for it and in the past we have over extened ourselves way too many times. We have also cut down on the amount of promos that we can afford to send out to 100 copies per release. Yes, I know, 100 copies to spread throughout the entire world is a small amount, but we know who has supported us over the years and we will continue to support those publications as well. We will be working solely with zines that offer free ad space and/or ad space in trade for promos. It also helps if the magazine can offer a label profile and/or an interview with one of our hard working bands.

Q- I am from Indonesia and I love hc/punk music, but I have no money, can you send me a free cd?

A- NO!

Q- I live in Montana and I want to order a cd online and get it the fastest shipping possible, should I pick Air Mail?

A- No. All prices on the web site and in the catalog are postage paid. If you live in the USA, all orders will be shipped First Class Mail, that is the quickest method. We are not like most labels that charge you a lot extra for shipping and then ship media mail. If you live outside of the USA, you can choose Air Mail, which usually takes 5-7 days to most countries.

Q- I have a radio show, can I get some of your releases to play?

A- Just be sure to email me playlists, the name of the radio show, the time and day of the show, and the stations call letters. Depending on where you are and the other music that you play, there is a very good chance that we will send you something.

Q- I noticed that all of the 7 inch releases were pressed on colored vinyl, how can I get one?

A- Yes, all of the 7 inch releases are on colored vinyl and if you mail order one and we have colored vinyl in stock, you will automatically get colored vinyl. If we are out of colored vinyl for that release, then you will get black vinyl. One colored vinyl copy per order, so please do not try to order a bunch of the same release with hopes of getting every one on colored vinyl.

Q- I run a small label, can we trade for releases?

A- No. Sorry, but we are a label only and not a distributor and we have no means to sell other label's releases. We have some non Smorgasbord releases for sale on the 'non-label releases' page for a few reasons. The band is on the label and have other releases available on their own or on another label. The band is on the label and we licensed the vinyl to another label. The band consists of members of a band on the label. We traded with a friend's label and have some extra copies of the release for sale.

Q- I got a Smorgasbord catalog in my cd but it's a year old, do you still have this item in stock?

A- If it's on the web page, then it's in stock. The merchandise section actually tells you how many of each t-shirt that are currently in stock.

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